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Polte Corporation, the innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, and CoreKinect, a leader in scalable hardware design and manufacturing, today announced a partnership to launch end to end supply chain tracking solutions powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) for enterprises worldwide. Polte’s breakthrough location technology, embedded into CoreKinect’s proprietary hardware architecture, will finally fill a hole in the market to drive accessible transparency for smaller, individual assets such as packages and pallets both indoors and outdoors.

The partnership positions Polte and CoreKinect with the ability to address the rapidly evolving enterprise demands for operational efficiency and real-time asset visibility in the supply chain. To date, many IoT asset tracking use cases have been forced to rely on traditional location technologies that were not designed for IoT. GPS, Wi-Fi, and BLE often fall short, with issues ranging from steep upfront deployment costs and complex amalgamations of multiple technologies to accomplish both indoor and outdoor insights, to security vulnerabilities – making implementation difficult at best, unrealistic at worst for the majority of enterprise assets.

Polte’s and CoreKinect’s solution solves the inherent challenges of today’s approaches by enabling rapid, simplified deployments. Polte’s multi-patented C-LoC technology leverages the Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) and ubiquitous 4G & 5G cellular network signals to calculate an asset’s position, allowing accurate location to be derived both indoors and outdoors. Polte’s use of existing Mobile IoT networks scraps the need for additional infrastructure, using a single cellular radio and offloading computational complexity from the device to the cloud. Delivered in unison, CoreKinect’s US designed and manufactured devices allow for seamless scalability without compromising quality. By providing more security, less bulk, lower cost and longer battery life, Polte and CoreKinect are redefining what is possible with Enterprise IoT.

“Global supply chains have been impacted by the ripple effects of COVID-19, partially due to a lack in visibility of their assets,” Polte CEO Ed Chao explained. “Where companies were once able to track hundreds of trucks, they can now track the millions of assets and packages that are inside the trucks. We’re excited to partner with CoreKinect to provide accuracy sufficient for the vast majority of IoT use cases, while addressing the broad limitations of competing technologies.”

“The ability to offer a truly low-cost, scalable solution is critical in the adoption of IoT for enterprises,” CoreKinect CEO and Co-founder Assar Badri said. “CoreKinect’s scalable and modular design expertise is unlocking a whole new range of use cases and giving companies the real-time insights and transparency they need to take action.”

To learn more about form factors available now and how Polte and CoreKinect solutions can be implemented for your use case, please contact

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