Unquestioned and uncompromised, our dedication to bringing innovation to wireless solutions in a direct and straightforward way is unlike any other. We care deeply about outcomes and the success of our partners.

Customizability finally meets scale

We have the unique ability to rapidly develop custom IoT solutions through systems and processes that deliver unprecedented scale

Time to Scale

We partner directly with our customers to ensure that product launch requirements are met

Our most senior engineers work with every customer from project kickoff to commercialization, ensuring that technical requirements are properly met. We invest deeply in the success of our partners, often taking on internal roles to support the long-term success of their IoT deployments.

Our customers benefit from our discipline in modular design, allowing them to rapidly prototype and scale

Our Game Changing Design Process Speeds Time To Deployment

Functional prototyping allows low-cost product testing to prove performance levels before moving to full-scale production. We use fewer resources within the manufacturing process than any of our competitors.

With the reuse of Functional Unit Blocks (FUB’s) within the core hardware architecture we deliver every day on our promise that Things should be simple. These FUB’s reduce time to market and include:

  • Microcontrollers
  • Wireless Communications
  • Power – both primary and rechargeable circuits
  • Automotive Protocols
  • GPS / Location Systems
  • Secondary Sensors, i.e. Accelerometers , etc.



Adherence to core design principles enables consistent and repeatable outcomes

Detailed product documentation and process consistency eliminate variability in quality. All projects and customers, regardless of size, receive the same level of detailed service and support

Career Opportunities

PCB Layout Design Engineer
Tempe, AZ

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