CoreKinect delivers high value hardware solutions at scale to some of the largest brands on the planet.

In order to stay ahead of the pack, we know that our customers need solutions in historically unrealistic timeframes and under unprecedented cost pressures. Our strict discipline to key design principles allows us to be able to help our customers serve markets in fleet and management, asset tracking, smart home and smart city industries.


Cellular networks have become the standard for connectivity. From 2G to LTE to NB-IoT, these networks have allowed the proliferation of IoT devices and have provided licensed options to build and develop solutions requiring wide area connectivity. The recent development of NB-IoT and Cat-M network options adds low power and low cost options within the licensed options. CoreKinect has deep experience developing solutions supported across a wide variety of cellular connectivity options.

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Low Power Wide Area network, particularly the non-licensed options, bring a completely new dynamic to IoT connectivity. Independent of cellular carriers and standards, these wide area options bring even lower network costs than cellular varieties of LPWA networks. Battery life can be expected to range from 5 to 20 years, and due to radio simplicity, the device costs can be very competive depending on the solution type. CoreKinect has some of the largest successful deployments within this connectivity option – with deep expertise with LoRa, RPMA, and Mesh networks.

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Short Range Communications

Short range technologies can bring powerful and extremely cost-effective forms of connectivty for those solutions that might be localized or connected to a broader connectivity infrastructure. Innovations in Bluetooth technologies bring extended range, while RFID and Z-Wave bring seamless options that facilitate pairing processes and asset management with a financial model that enables new business models. Some of our most successful deployments have incorporated a number of short range communication technologies.

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