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PARIS, France and TEMPE, Arizona, USA — May 27, 2020

Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS), a leading maker of 5G/4G chips and modules for massive, broadband and critical IoT, and CoreKinect, a leader in US-based scalable hardware design and manufacturing, today announced Zenith, a new line of asset trackers connected by Sequans’ Monarch GM01Q module. Monarch is the world’s most highly optimized LTE-M/NB-IoT solution featuring industry-leading low power consumption, global deployment capability, and a location engine that enables indoor and outdoor locating capability without traditional GPS technology.

“The new CoreKinect trackers are making it possible for IoT companies to address many new tracking opportunities that were not economically feasible before,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. “Intelligent design combined with CoreKinect cost optimizations and Monarch’s proven reliability and location technology that removes the need for GPS, results in Zenith trackers that disrupt on both price and quality.”

CoreKinect Zenith trackers are simple to use and easy to deploy. Available in two versions, the Zenith Ruggedized Tracker is designed for industrial applications, and the Zenith Slim Tracker is designed for applications needing a small form factor. Both trackers include an accelerometer, temperature sensor, and Bluetooth Low Energy, and have an IP67 environmental rating.

“Partnering with a world class organization such as Sequans enables us to deliver game-changing solutions,” said Assar Badri, CEO, CoreKinect. “By making things simple, we allow our customers to focus on what’s important to them.”

The CoreKinect Zenith trackers are connected by Sequans’ Monarch GM01Qmodule that comprises Sequans’ Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT chip and all other elements necessary for a complete LTE modem system. These include an LTE-optimized transceiver, a complete Single SKU™ RF front-end to support LTE bands worldwide, and key interfaces, all in a single compact LGA package. Monarch GM01Q delivers the industry’s lowest PSM power consumption at 1 micro amp, enabling ultra long battery life, and features Sequans’ IoT-Findit™ location engine that enables accurate indoor and outdoor location service without GPS, enabling much lower power consumption and cost.

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