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C oreKinect, a leader in design principles that allows its Internet of Things (IoT) clients to achieve scale without compromising quality and customization, has appointed John Horn as president and chief strategy officer. In addition to his new role, Horn will continue to support various industry boards and his work with CGS Fellows.

Horn has been recognized as an IoT industry pioneer and visionary. He has repeatedly been able to look at the complexities of the IoT ecosystem and drive them to simpler solutions for greater marketplace adoption and value.

“John’s expertise and business acumen are well known in the industry,” says Assar Badri, CEO of CoreKinect. “We are fortunate to have a world-class leader as part of our team to help drive our growth and expansion in the IoT universe.”

Horn has 30 years of experience in the telecom and wireless industries with the last 20 focused in IoT and has been recognized as a pioneer, thought leader and strategic thinker. He has been a strong evangelist in IoT and has been identified by Inc. Magazine as a “Top Speaker Who Will Wow Your Crowd.”

Horn brings two decades

of IoT experience to the Arizona

design and hardware company

“Hardware is one of the three critical parts of successful IoT deployments, and CoreKinect is changing how hardware is delivered to the market,” says Horn. “We believe that things should be simple and straightforward and are designing our business around delivering on this promise, something that is desperately needed in the industry.”

“Hardware doesn’t have to be hard,” says Badri. “Using scalable design principles, simplicity can be applied to connected technologies to make the lives of people easier. Through this strategy we are currently deploying the largest LPWAN solution in the U.S., delivering on the promise of IoT.”

About CoreKinect

Tempe, Arizona-based CoreKinect is an innovative company that has changed the way hardware enters the market. Through fierce dedication to design principles, CoreKinect’s clients achieve scale without compromising quality or customization. This delivers an accelerated time-to-scale, simplified deployments and uncompromised quality regardless of the industry segment. CoreKinect is already creating products for asset tracking, vehicle and fleet management, smart home, smart city, wearables, agriculture and energy management.

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