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C oreKinect, a leader in scalable hardware design & manufacturing which allows clients to achieve scale rapidly without compromising on quality or customization, has appointed Richard J. Lynch as an advisory board member. Mr. Lynch previously was the EVP & Chief Technology Officer for Verizon Communications between 2007 and 2011 and EVP & Chief Technology Officer for Verizon Wireless and its predecessors since 1990.

Mr. Lynch is a known leader in the telecommunication space as well as a Life Fellow of The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and has been awarded patents in the field of wireless communications. For his leadership in the early years of wireless data, Mr. Lynch was honored with the President’s Award by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA).

Lynch brings over 40 years

of leadership experience

and technical expertise

“As a global leader in the deployment of LTE technology, Dick Lynch’s track record of choosing future technologies is second to none,” said John Horn, President & CSO of CoreKinect. “As CoreKinect continues to gain market share in IoT, his experience & leadership will allow us to focus on what we do best, making Things simple.”

Mr. Lynch currently serves on the boards of Blackberry and Ribbon Communications. He will also continue to serve in the capacity of an advisor or board member for various other private companies.

“It is a challenge for a hardware manufacturer to deliver to each of their customers uniquely differentiated product,” said Mr. Lynch. “But, to do it as expeditiously and at as high a quality level as CoreKinect does for each of their individual clients speak volumes about their capabilities and beliefs. I look forward to trying to help them to up their game to an even higher plateau.”

Mr. Lynch is a frequent guest lecturer in academia and industry on technology and its business implications. Previously, he has served on the executive board of the CDMA Development Group, the board of GSMA (GSM Association), and as a member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Technical Advisory Committee and its Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC). As the architect of numerous technological advances, both at Verizon Communications and the entire wireless industry, he has lead efforts that impacted customers around the globe.

“Mr. Lynch’s unique perspective on the ecosystem and his vision is valuable beyond measure,” said Assar Badri, Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to have Mr. Lynch on our advisory board and look forward to expanding our footprint.”

About CoreKinect

Tempe, Arizona-based CoreKinect is an innovative company that has changed the way hardware enters the market. Through fierce dedication to design principles, CoreKinect’s clients achieve scale without compromising quality or customization. This delivers an accelerated time-to-scale, simplified deployments and uncompromised quality regardless of the industry segment. CoreKinect is already creating products for asset tracking, vehicle and fleet management, smart home, smart city, wearables, agriculture and energy management.

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