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Listen here to Pod2112 with John Horn:

Internet of Things (IoT) is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. Connecting legacy systems to autonomous sensors and controllers are opening new vistas for creating smart enterprises, manufacturing, cities and homes.

Vendors – old and new – are creating IoT components and systems to bring the smart world vision into reality. IoT architectures are popping up all over the channel. The expectations are high that IoT will result in greater user experiences and operational efficiencies. Moreover, IoT sellers and buyers have grand visions for immediate and ongoing returns on their investments.

On the supply side of the IoT equation is the manufacturing process. IoT devices – sensors and controllers – must often operate in cramped, remote, and exposed locations. IoT devices require durability, as they’ll operate in the wild for as long as a decade (or longer). And they require security during the manufacturing process to their lifetime operation.

These are significant challenges the permeate the conception, design, manufacturing, architecture, deployment, and operational phases of the IoT lifecycle.

CoreKinect, an IoT design and manufacturing startup, is solving these IoT manufacturing challenges with a unique process for quickly translating IoT concepts into prototypes, and prototypes into finished products. And when it comes to manufacturing at scale, CoreKinect is building the products it brings to reality in the United States ensuring end-to-end security and quality at surprisingly competitive costs.

CoreKinect CEO and co-founder Assar Badri and president and chief strategist John Horn join Pod2112’s Larry Walsh to discuss the smarter way to design and build IoT devices and systems.

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