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TEMPE, Ariz. June 23, 2020Benchmark Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:BHE), a global provider of engineering, design, and manufacturing services, and CoreKinect, a leader in scalable hardware design, today announced an agreement, enabling customers across the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape to design, engineer, and manufacture products in the USA.

CoreKinect selected Benchmark’s state-of-the-art electronics engineering and manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona to leverage the benefits of the emerging ‘Silicon Desert’.  Arizona has become a magnet for technology companies, which are drawn to the region by a lower cost of doing business and a more affordable quality of life for employees. Furthermore, the large and educated population of Arizona provides a growing talent pool of highly-skilled workers that can support growing technology industries.

Together with Benchmark, CoreKinect can now provide fully customized hardware solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems, allowing customers to achieve scale without compromising on quality or flexibility. Leveraging its engineering and manufacturing expertise, Benchmark will work with CoreKinect to produce IoT solutions that solve complex challenges in a wide range of industries such as aerospace and defense, industrial, medical, surveillance, and smart city.

“As the demand for connected hardware continues to increase, we’ve made key investments in our capabilities and talent to provide innovative solutions for customers quickly and at lower costs,” said Jan Janick, Benchmark’s Vice President of Global Engineering and Chief Technology Officer. “We’re proud to partner with CoreKinect to bring next-generation IoT technology to market from our advanced manufacturing facility in Phoenix.”

“Our clients see us as a strategic growth partner and integral to their IoT strategy,” says Assar Badri, CoreKinect’s Chief Executive Officer. “When it comes to the ‘Internet of Things’, we believe that ‘Things’ should be simple. Our customers come to us so they can focus on what’s important to them – while we take care of the rest.  We are excited to work with Benchmark in support of our customers.”

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